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(Freshman Institute)


Freshman Institute (further - FI) has been based in 2000 at Aahensky University of applied sciences. Purpose of FI is to simplify entering process in German higher educational institutions for foreign students. Annually more than 400 first-year students are trained here.

Aachen is situated on territory of Northern Rhine-Westphalia, near to Holland and Belgium.

The State Aahen University of applied sciences (FH Aachen) is one of the largest in Germany. Here about 11 000 students are trained, 220 professors and 300 teachers are teaching, 340 assistants are working. The HIGH SCHOOL specializes on engineering science, business and design. The university campus is in two places - Aachen and Julihe.

Among the German HIGH SCHOOLS specializing on applied sciences, the Aahen University wins the first place in a technical direction.

Near the campus there is the interdisciplinary research Centre "Julihe", one of the largest in Europe. Students of FI frequently use the Centre resources at a writing of theses.

As a rule, if a pupil has left secondary school in the non-European country, it is not so simply to enter a German University. The purpose of program of FI is to simplify this process.

For participation in the program, a future student should pass an introductory test (it is spent in English or German languages). Testing can be spent in the country of residing of the student. The German educational organizations can help with testing (DAAD, Test AS and others). If the candidate corresponds already to requirements of a German college in pre-high school preparation (, he can start to study at a University.

After the entering, the student is trained one year (the first course), practicing language and developing those skills which are necessary for the chosen baccalaureate program. After the successful termination of the first course, the student can continue training in one of the Universities of Northern Rhine-Westphalia under the baccalaureate program of the chosen direction. In Northern Rhine-Westphalia there are a lot of German-speaking and certain quantity of English-speaking baccalaureate programs.

The grant (up to 5000€) is given to the best students of FI.

Quantity of students at school
400 persons
from 17 years old


Engineering science
with accent on
engineering specialties
Business direction
with accent on business
(German language
as foreign)
The Course consists of three trimesters, each for 12 weeks (36 lecture hours per week). The students of technical directions take part in a practical training. The disciplines depend on the direction chosen by students. The course program is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Northern Rhine-Westphalia.

The training program
in English

Engineering science
The training (2-4 weeks)

The training program
in German

Engineering science
Social sciences

After termination of the first course the students
pass examinations:

Those who have begun training in English
pass final examinations (Freshman Final Examination)
Those who have begun training in German
pass entrance examinations (Feststellungprüfung)
* The students, who have successfully finished the first course, receive a place at a University.

Partner Universitys of FI:

FH Aachen (AC), University Duisburg-Essen (DuE), FH Südwestfallen (SW), Hochschule Rhein-Waal (RW).
There is a possibility to be trained in German, English or in both languages.

Year of training The beginning of training in English The beginning of training in German
SW / RW DuE AC Northern Rhine-Westphalia
1st course English English English / German German
2nd course English English German
3rd course English English German Training at any university
of Northern Rhine-Westphalia
4th course English English German
The students, wishing to be trained in the University Duisburg-Essen, pass a test on English and German languages upon termination of the first course.
The students, wishing to be trained in FH Aachen, pass a test on German language upon termination of the first course.
If a student already knows German well, upon termination of the first course can enter any University of Northern Rhine-Westphalia, and also other German Universities.

Residing / food

The campuses for first-year students are in the small cities -Linnih and Gajlenkirhen - with the population nearby 20 000 persons, in an environment of wonderful landscapes. Nearby from campuses there are supermarkets, clothing stores, drugstores. To Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf it is possible to reach free of charge - having the student's card.

The students live in residences, in the furnished double rooms. In a room there is a bed, a table, a chair and a case. In a kitchen there is a refrigerator, a gas cooker and an oven. In addition dishwashers can be given.

The first week of the first course is fact-finding. Further any help is given to students: bank account opening, registration in the mayoralties, medical aid reception, medical insurance and many other things.


Excursions on the European cities (Berlin, Paris, Hamburg).

Entertaining actions

The part of the program of the first course is cultural-entertaining actions, including:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball and football tournaments
  • Excursions on the European cities (Berlin, Paris, Hamburg)
  • Celebratory actions (parties, karaoke)
  • Play music, etc.

Besides, the mentor program exists, purpose of which is to help foreign students to adapt for life in Germany.

Requirements for entering

Introductory testing
or Test AS (the standardized
test giving the chance
to students to study in Germany)
Finished secondary
Knowledge of English
and\or German languages
The dates of the
beginning of the course

The second half of October,
August, 31st
Duration of a course
1 year
Training 17 000 €
Accommodation and catering 3 000 €
* on 01.10.2015
  • Group transfers
  • Lectures and teaching materials
  • Additional phonetic and language courses
  • Practical training (for bilingual programs)
  • Mentor program
  • Residing at double rooms
  • Medical insurance and the insurance from accidents
  • Responsibility insurance
  • Excursions
  • Sports program
  • Cookery course
* Annually the educational institution reconsiders quotations on training. Please, specify at managers of agency actual cost for a year of planned study.